Carers Week (8th June 2020)

Every day 6,000 people in the United Kingdom become carers, something few have been able to plan for. From the start, they may find themselves needing to talk to health and social care providers; to negotiate with their employers on how to juggle work with caring; to deal with the intricacies of the benefits system or to consider how to fund future care costs. All of this while they are coming to terms with their new caring responsibilities. It’s no wonder that caring can feel overwhelming, bewildering and stressful. For many young carers this also involves trying to balance their education with their caring responsibilities, whilst still trying to navigate childhood, and for many BAME carers this involves balancing what’s right for them and their culture.

Dyneley House Surgery work in partnership with Carers Resource, and offers a Carers Advice Clinic for Patients to seek support. This includes benefits & welfare advice , support to navigate through the social care system, respite for carers & emotional support. Please contact the surgery to book an appointment.

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Patient Experience Video: