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Patients who have previously been diagnosed with a neurological condition, are invited to our stroke support groups.

Stroke Group Dates for 2024

Usually held the 1st Wednesday of the month at 10.00 in Dyneley Barn.

3rd January 

14th February

6th March

3rd April

1st May

5th June

3rd July

August – break for summer hols

4th September

2nd October

6th November

4th December

For further details, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Eat Move Be Happy

Need help to improve your lifestyle?


Patients can now access new Exercise Classes and Health Coaching Courses!


To find out more, please visit

Patient Groups Campaign

Patients living with Osteoporosis in Airedale, Wharfedale, and Craven are invited to special Patient Education Talks.

We will cover all aspects of managing Osteoporosis, including medication. 

Osteoporosis Group Dates for 2024

Usually held the last Wednesday of the month at 10.30am in Dyneley Barn.  If alternative venue is being used, this will be indicated nearer the time.

24th January

28th February

27th March - cancelled

24th April

22nd May - Coffee and chat

26th June - Guest speaker - Physiotherapist

31st July - Coffe and chat

August – break for summer hols

25th September - Tai Chi demonstration and participation

30th October - Alexander technique demostration

27th November - Guest speaker - Podiatrist

PLACES MUST BE BOOKED - Speak to reception for more information.


Eat Move Be Happy 1 

The new programme aims to reduce the prevalence of heart disease, and more specifically, reduce hypertension rates across the district.

The Healthy Choices programme runs over 8 weeks, starting with a virtual welcome session to introduce Patients to the coaches and explain the approach, including what is involved. The remaining sessions are one-and-a-half-hour face to face sessions, with each week exploring a new healthy habit and including an exercise session.

The programme will coach Patients to set up for success through a mixture of peer group health education and exercise. The goal of this programme is to:

  • Improve understanding of the long-term health risks of poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle
  • Help minimise these risks using a simple framework
  • Help make long term, sustainable changes.

Topics will include:

- choosing quality carbohydrates & fats

- learning how to plan ahead (meals/shopping/exercise)

- learning what is a balanced meal for reducing blood pressure

- Portion control - ways to measure and adjust

- Falling off the wagon - be prepared for it and how to get back in the saddle

- The environment - how to change it to make good choices easier

- Social circle - how to use it to make things easier for you

You can qualify for a free place if you have a:

- BMI over 30

- High blood pressure & high cholesterol

- Aged between 18-64

To find out more information, or to self-refer, please visit: