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If you take the pill, you can submit an online contraception review here if it is required. You may need an up-to-date weight and blood pressure. You can do your blood pressure on any reputable home monitor, at a pharmacy or using the practice self-serve monitor.


Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

You may be asked by your health care professional to monitor your blood pressure at home for a short period. Please submit readings via eConsult by clicking on Start a Review.
Please record two readings in the morning and two readings in the afternoon, for a minimum of four and preferably for seven days. You need to allow at least one- two  minutes between each reading.

Alternatively, you can download the form below and post this to the surgery when complete.


Home blood pressure monitoring form

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Please see the video below on how to take your blood pressure safely:



Your clinician may ask you to complete our online questionnaire before seeing them. Access that here

Videos to help you manage your Asthma:

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Spacer - single breath and hold:

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