What is Social Prescribing?

At Dyneley House Surgery we recognise that people’s health and wellbeing can be affected by a range of social, economic and environmental factors.

Social Prescribing Service empowers people with the skills and knowledge to improve their health and social wellbeing by connecting them to a range of non clinical services, available in your community.

Adult Social Prescribing Service:

Our adult social prescribers connect patients to activities, groups and services in the community to meet practical, social and emotional needs. They can assist patients who are feeling isolated and lonely and can also help with benefits and housing queries and can signpost you to additional support to help improve your heath and well-being.

GR8 Minds Team Children's Social Prescribing Service (David)

Our children's social prescribers offer 1 to 1 support for young people up to the age of 18 (or up to 25 for people with a learning disability) and can help with a range of issues including stress, anxiety, self-confidence and bereavement. Our Children's social prescribers work both in schools and in Surgery and patients can ask their GP Surgery for a referral or they can self-refer through the WACA website https://www.wacalliance.co.uk/forms-policies/self-referral-form-to-access-social-prescribing-or-counselling-service-support.html

Children's Counselling Service (Hilary):

We have a trained children's counsellor that offers talking therapy to listen to you and help you find ways of dealing with emotional stress. Our specialist counsellor can help with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress as well as difficult emotions such as low self-esteem or anger. The confidential 1 to 1 sessions are available in school or at your GP Practice and referrals can be made via your Surgery or by self-referral https://www.wacalliance.co.uk/forms-policies/self-referral-form-to-access-social-prescribing-or-counselling-service-support.html

Adult Mental Health Coaches:

Our adult mental health coaches are the first level of support for mental health provision within our GP practices. They offer 30 minute face-to-face or telephone appointments to help support the mental health of patients. Our coaches can help with a range of issues including stress, worry, anxiety as well as emotional issues such as bereavement support. Referrals to this service are done through a GP or other clinical staff within the Surgery and are available for patients from 16+ years.

Adult Mental Health Practitioner (Rosie):

Our Mental Health Practitioner (registered nurse) is available to provide in-depth mental health assessments, mental health sign-posting or limited short term mental health in-put on a primary care level.

The initial appointments last 1 hour and these take place in a GP Practice setting. Follow up appointments may be offered either on the telephone or in person.

Patients will develop a better understanding and knowledge of their own mental health/wellbeing, and will receive appropriate evidence based, time limited interventions, which includes essential wellbeing skills, such as diet, exercise, mindfulness, anxiety management, sleep hygiene etc. The Practitioner will also support the Patient to transition into other mental health services i.e. Mental Health Coaches or Community Mental Health Team.

How to access the service?

Please speak to a member of the Practice Team if you think you may benefit from the Social Prescribing service.

Appointments last up to 1 hour. For more information, please contact Dyneley House Surgery : 01756 799311


Click Here to download our Social Prescribing Directory (Word docx)