The Live Better 13 week programme supports Patients to :

  • Help learning about healthy eating, losing weight and improving exercise
  • Help putting these lessons into practice
  • Focus on prevention
  • Suitable for anyone at "risk" of developing long term conditions.

There are specific exercise classes for those patients who are learning to adjust to a new condition such as a Stroke / Parkinsons. There is also a falls prevention exercise programme that is run by Eat Move Be Happy and operating from the Scout hut behind Dyneley House

There are more details on the website:

They offer one to one coaching and health advice as well as some exercise classes.

Speak to the GP practice for an appointment to discuss a referral with any of our Clinicians or Social Prescribers.

Here is the latest podcast from Eat, Move, Be Happy called the People First podcast.

For more information, please visit the website : Live Better Health Coaching (, or drop in on a Monday to see the group in action.

Eat, Move, be Happy - Wharfedale Airedale & Craven Alliance (